I read in the newspaper about the “PARIWAR”, and I had a strong will to stay there so I reached there . I got a place the next month. Earlier I had stayed in many different Hostels, but living at “PARIWAR” was a very novel experience. “PARIWAR” has many different activities like, Music classes , Instrumental classes , dance , yoga, Ayurvedic clinic , Kids Classes , different competitions, its own library, and much more ….
I was very happy to be there , with the healthy homely environment . Good food … all clean and well – kept … The best thing of all was the owner of the dorm Mrs.Datar who was very friendly with all the girls staying there . She used to take personal care of all the small requirements for us … I know it is not a easy job to handle so many girls. All girls are nor good nor bad but to treat everybody equally and getting them to follow the rules and regulations is not a easy thing. She always used to advise us all to get up early in the morning , do Yoga , to take breakfast and lunch in time, maintain discipline in the dorm … encourage all to participate in all the activities in the Hostel.
‘ Mrs. Datar ‘ was the motherly figure for all the girls staying there … and some months back due to her sad demise we all and the “PARIWAR” was deprived of all the love and care the establishment enjoyed.
I had already left the Hostel by then … I still feel her presence whenever I happen to go to the Hostel. I still expect her to come there and ask me ” Shobha, how’s life? Hope all’s well.” She always wished to see all the girls to settle in life, return back home and be happy. She used to say “It is not good to stay away from home for long in a Hostel.” She always had a glow on her face and a perpetual mild smile on her face……

We were worried and thought how will this “PARIWAR” continue? How will it come back to normal stage? But Swapna Tai brought the “PARIWAR” back to the same stand, all the better. All of the activities are still going on as Mrs. Datar wished, which is good for everyone. Whenever we feel like, we come to the Hostel, like a home and family. I was basically a disciplined person but my stay there enhanced it more, I met a lot of new friends here and learnt many more things. Here I learnt the Marathi family traditions and rituals. Mrs. Datar used to celebrate all the festivals with us in the “PARIWAR” and have a nice feast ans sweets. We also used to have a farewell party for any girl who was to get married. Mrs Datar also made sure that we girls learn to cook, so every Sunday she insisted that we cook the food that day. She used to provide us with all the necessary items for the same….
It is the time all of us will always remember as the good days of our lives, when we were not deprived of anything….

I don’t think anybody will hot milfs mind if you can get a Home – “PARIWAR” like this whenever you have to stay away from your home for education or a job……


Shobha J
I was at “PARIWAR” only for one and a half years. It was the beautiful time of my life.Time to meet new people, get new experiences of life and time to learn new things in life. It was the time when one struggles and establishes oneself in the world. That is the time when the homely atmosphere at “PARIWAR” was the soother in life. Mrs. Datar and Swapna Tai that time gave me the homely feeling and gave a treatment like their own daughter
Even though Mrs. Datar is no more with us , but the pat I got on my back from her and the well wishes and blessings she gave me will always be with me.
About Swapna Tai She is the Idol of many more in the “PARIWAR”. Her aggressiveness ,Her enth lesbian porno usiasm is the reason that all of us love and respect her. She plays the violin very beautifully.
Any girl who comes to Pune for education or job the ideal affordable and secure place to stay is this place “PARIWAR”. “HOME AWAY FORM HOME” “PARIWAR” !
Sonali Joshi
Sarita Nagri , phase 1, a homely atmosphere provided by Datar family to all girls , ladies who step out of their homes to persue further education and explore career opportunities.
Parivar, a well know name in Ganesh Mara, Dattawari, for a homely shelter for girls. As a guardian , care had been taken for all the amenities, necessity , simultaneously as parents had a control on them , which almost every girl follow.
Following Aunty’s path, Swapna Tai , too followed the same principles in her PG.
At both places, care had been taken and proper services are provided. Both places seems such a safe custody , as it remains full all the time , no room available…..its through word of mouth, that people came and felt hard hearted while leaving it and takes the sweet memories of hostel for ever..control kept on girls, via timely depositing of rent, making note on board when not at hostel, doing one’s work helps to develop a sense of responsibility. And now after Aunty, Aaboli had been taking a very good care of the hostel. She representing youth , new idea’s, new enery will surely take the fame of Parivar ahead.
All the very best to whole Datar family and near friends who had been contributing timely.
Ishi Tenguria
With the dream of pursuing a career in Pune; in 2008 I enrolled for my articleship of CA course in a CA firm. Being CA pursuing girl, all I required was a room, where I could get a homely atmosphere, minimum required facilities and easily accessible from my office and classes. In spite of searching for days I couldn’t find such room. All I could find was only business-minded ruthless mentality of room owners. I was deeply dejected and was having second thoughts on my decision to come to Pune. However; one fine day my aunt stumbled upon swapnatai’s hostel through an acquaintance. Swapnatai was doing all this as social service exclusively for girls. My aunt told me that Swapnatai would meet me in person and if she was satisfied then only my admission to her hostel would be confirmed. Then, with my aunt, I went to meet Swapnatai. Her smile; upon entering her house; assured me that I would be in safe hands of elder sister.
Swapnatai told me that she was very disciplined and demanded same from the girls staying in the hostel. She required the rooms to be kept neat and tidy. I observed that although the rooms were meant for letting out to girls; buy generic clomid online they were decorated with passion; artistic outlook and attention to the details. I believe; she; being an artist; knew the impact pleasant atmosphere has on the individual. I observed that all the girls in the room had kept the rooms neat and tidy. I thought that this was result of her strict rules but eventually I realized that it was result of respect which they had for our Swapnatai. Eventually she allowed me to stay in the hostel. As I look back I realize that disciplined atmosphere was for making us better persons and later on it just became way of life.
Due to swapna tai’s profession many of the girls were from music field. I really enjoyed celebrity nude their ‘Riyaaz’ everyday. We all girls became very good friends in less time. Swapna tai had maintained proper balance in giving us proper independence and taking care of our security. Once in a month she used to call a meeting at her house to discuss on our problems and to find solutions for those problems. We used to enjoy this meeting because it was opportunity for us to share our problems, our fights , our celebrations, our secrets and much more. I still miss those long chats. Swapnatai thought us to look at our differences positively, to become strength of each other’s weaknesses, to deal with people of different nature, and it’s funny ,but to adjust ourselves in joint family. We would celebrate all the festivals together from Gudhipadwa to Sankrant , 31st Dec, Birthdays, and especially kelvan of the girl getting married .It used to be really very very special and most cherished moment for the girl getting married and of course for others. We used to grab every opportunity of being with Swapna tai by, attending her programs, chatting with her, watching cricket match with her, eating delicious food prepared by her and much more. She felt very bad during renovation of hostel as we had to face some problems, but in fact we enjoyed a lot, because she considered our opinion regarding colors for walls, curtains, arrangement of various showpieces. So like family members ,we were part of this renovation. Swapnatai used to host students from foreign countries at her hostel as a part of cultural exchange program. Although I was intimidated a bit initially about sharing room with foreigners ; it was indeed a learning experience to share room with girls from other country, to know them, their nature, their differences, their habits.
Hostel was ;and will be ; my family. It has got a special place in my heart and it is inseparable part of my life. I got many lifetime friends here.
My marriage was fixed and I left hostel, it was a time to bid adieu to Hostel. I could not hold back tears. I felt like I was leaving my own house and family. Instead of my family , my hostel friends and Swapnatai were more involved in my shopping and other wedding preparations and of course my kelvan. I enjoyed those days just because I was staying on hostel. As I was facing difficulties in getting a hall for marriage ceremony; Swapnatai also put in a word for me with one of the prominent marriage hall owners and I easily got the marriage hall on the specified date of my marriage. Swapna tai always tried to make our life easy. She provided all the possible technical facilities and a strong moral support to all of us. It was a very nice experience to stay there. Her doors are always open for me and my husband as well. I can approach her at anytime ;share my mind ;have a long chat over countless cups of coffee. It is indeed a home away from home.
Mrudula Joshi
It is not that I had never stayed at a hostel. the four years of Degree were spent in a hostel and today going to a new place as a Paying Guest made me a bit nervous. a new place , new girls. But no rector here.
Coming to understand from some family friends related to music that Swapnatai takes Paying Guests; my father accompanied me to her place. I being related with the film industry, people ready to keep Paying Guests generally avoid us due to the time factor. I had searched around a lot. Before going to Swapnatai I had brought it to my father’s notice. “What if the shift worked till 12 in the night or had to work in the night shift?” She might also have some time limits set. But when we met her we came to understand that she had started this activity for the working girls and for the ones with timing issues are given extra out time. All she expected was a prior intimation of coming late. She always came up with solutions for the problems faced by us.
As it is I was looking for a place just for one month and after the project was over I was planning to go home to kokan or search for a place elsewhere.
Tai was staying on the first floor and the room where I was supposed to stay was on the second floor. I went upstairs with my luggage. There were three rooms in the flat. There were three girls each in the two bedrooms and four girls in the hall. The bed rooms were already occupied so I selected a bed in the hall. I had come very early in the morning so everybody was deep in sleep. Vaishnavi alone was up early practicing music (riaz) so she was the first person I met. Somebody was sleeping on the next bed so we were talking in low voice but she awoke and Vaishnavi introduced me to Aarti who asked me “Do you sing?” When I said no she seemed relieved, changed her side and promptly went back to sleep. Wow! It just crossed my mind that if someone is singing why it should trouble you! When she got up later she explained that because of the girls doing riaz early in the morning it disturbs the sleep, later she discussed a lot on music and riaz. Aarti was the only one on job in the room so I understood her pains, but I was thinking how anybody can stay so aloof from music and the very next day when Vaishnavi was doing her riaz in the morning Aarti awoke and asked her whether it was Raag “Bhimpalas” she was singing. I was surprised. A girl who was nowhere connected to music in any context was asking about the Raag she was hearing. Then I understood that the atmosphere in the room had taught every aspect to all the residents over here.
I have a special attraction towards music as my mother is also learning music so getting to hear the riaz early in the morning and specially the violin essay writing service from downstairs from Swapnatai’s Flat! It was a treat for me staying at Swapnatai’s place.
I used to be away on my job the whole day so could not regularly meet Swapnatai. Early in the morning when coming down the stairs Swapnatai would be doing her riaz and not wanting to disturb her I just used to wave to her and she also not breaking her riaz would just nod her acknowledgement. This would repeat identically in the night also.
By now all the roommates had become good friends’ or rather family members. cartoon porn As it is all of them were together before but now I started feeling to be one of them.
Once I got late getting back home. Aarti called me “Have you had dinner?” I said “No”. So we decided to meet somewhere and get a parcel to take home. But since it was too late all the hotels were closed and since it was a month end so we could not even think of any big or expensive hotel. The place where we stay “Saritanagari” there is a small eatery nearby where we had seen a lot of girls and boys. Since we had no other option and feeling very hungry we went there to get a take away and returned back. While we were parking our vehicle in the parking, Swapnatai was standing in front of us. She scolded Aarti and told us not to go to that eatery for food! I was new to this place so I was unaware about the place so she was scolding Aarti. Aarti looked afraid and said to me “See I had told you not to go there for the parcel.” I was smiling but remembered Tai’s face and was afraid a bit. She had a authoritive stance and also a hot lesbian porn concern for our safety. She had only said two sentences but since then we never dared to go there neither at night nor in the daytime.
One month was about to be over and my stay over here was to come to an end. But I got one more project but it was to commence from the next month so I had a gap of one month in between. I started for my home and took Tai’s blessings. While leaving I asked tai “Could you please keep my place, my bed reserved for me for the next month. Please do not let it off for one month?” and Tai also agreed for the same without any ado. She just asked me to phone her when the date was finalized. All my roommates were asking me weather I was coming back? After having a talk with Tai I let them know that I will be coming back the next Month.
I was a bit surprised that Tai was going to keep my bed without letting it out phonesex for me even if I was going to come after one month. Madhura said “Tai always keeps beds reserved for her girls”. Then I understood that even though I had a very short stay at this place but Tai had accepted me as her own child.
Except Aarti all the other girls are four to five years younger to me. Their fun and enjoyment reminded me of my college days. Sometimes when I was doing some job work and the others used to be enjoying themselves and making a lot of noise I used to find it very immature of them. But apart from this whenever I have to go to some project out of town I used to miss them all.
Early morning I used to adult anime remember Vaishnavi’s sweet and mature voice in riaz, the hot cup of milk from the oven brought by Aarti and like my mother asking me to brush my teeth, ever come down with cough or cold then Gitanjali would give herbal coffee, the kiss by Madhura while waking me up in the morning and saying sweetly “now get up baby its late”. For some time I wondered who is the elder one amongst us two! When ready and about to start for my job the nanny that is the other Madhura used to keep a keen eye and start “Have you put on cold cream? Comb your hair properly! Move them out of your eyes and clip them up properly! You are going on a bike so tie a scarf! She used to give numerous instructions. Krutika used to ask “Have you had lunch?” everyday without fail. Any movie and Prajakta was always there to give company. She used to imitate Shahid Kapoor’s ‘agal bagal’ dance in her own typical style and laugh aloud. Devika was instrumental in helping to forget all the tensions of the day and Pooja was a fan of the 80’s songs like me. She always used to put on the songs on Sunday’s and holidays. Sometimes I wondered I used to find the fun and pranks very immature? Really was it?
I was very wrong, I was thinking wrongly. Sometimes I was even thinking of changing the place, maybe it was because the office was a bit far away. Maybe!
But suddenly I realized, I will not get the homely atmosphere, all my loving friends, Tai’s love for art and the safe feeling with her, anywhere else? Every time the answer was ultimately the topic of another room was permanently gone from my mind. Forever!!
Purva Pandit