Yet another house! Yes, when I think of “Hostel” of Swapna tai, it simply make me feel that yes I have another house in Pune. I can go and knock the door, as if I am returning to my house. I am always a welcomed, may be different faces, individuals of different thoughts, class, religion, nature and discipline. But one thing is comman and that is their love and affection for each other. May be that it flows from Swapna tai to all those who becomes the part of this “Vastu” and hence when I call it a “Hostel” hesitantly I feel, I am ditaching myself from someone of my own.
When I open the window of my room and I am with beautiful lovable nature, calm and peaceful. I always enjoyed a stay up there. Love u tai.
Mrs. Avanti Mouktik Kate. 26-A, gopal colony, narendra nagar, Nagpur, Maharshtra-440015.Mobile- 9730470898
Avanti Harshe
Dear Swapna Tai,
I saw twenty to twenty-two hostels before I came to know about ‘our hostel’ and ‘Pariwar hostel’. but every time I got sad because owner of every hostel said ‘NO’ for musicians. They do not want a person who is learning music because they think that ‘ Riyaz’ will disturb other girls.
When I came to know about you and your hostel, I was completly surprised and amazed. you gave us a
permission to do ‘ Riyaz, at any hour of a day. celebrity porn tapes It was an important event for me. Suddenly I had to stop worrying about many problems which I had to face before coming here..”"Not only you do a job of our guardian but also care for us like a parent.”"
And last but not the least, ” the food of our ‘ Pariwar Hostel’ is amazing’. It gives us a feel of home made food…. I never feel that I am living in hostel… “Our hostel is a home for me.”

“”"Thank you nude celebrities so much Tai for being with us.”"”

Sayali Acharya
“PARIWAR” word alone explains everything. Everyone staying here feels that this is her family and the atmosphere here is also likewise. I came to stay here at Swapnatai’s place 18 months back in Pune. I hail from Chandrapur. Chandrapur-Pune is a distance of 18 to 19 hours so my parents were worried about sending me to Pune. But felt comfortable when they met Swapnatai and Mrs. Datar.
I had met Swapnatai when I was in 9th grade and hot milfs she had come to Chandrapur for a concert. I was in contact with her since then. I never missed my parents due to the treatment rendered by the people in “PARIWAR”. The healthy atmosphere, the facilities for riaz provided by Swapnatai for the music students like us is a great contribution. So I will never refer this place as hostel, but I will call it as ‘My Home’.
Last year on 20th Feb. Mrs. Datar Passed away. She used to mom sex take care of all the basic day to day needs and requirements of all the girls here with utmost care. After she passed away the “PARIWAR” stood solid by her inspiration. All the programs are running smoothly as per her wishes.
Once my grandparents had come to Pune and met Swapnatai. They were very gay porn videos assured and encouraged when Swapnatai told them about me and about the other girls with me.
“PARIWAR” and me this relation is a very positive direction in my life. As I mentioned earlier “PARIWAR” word says it all. I pray to God “May this place blossom and hentai porn videos thrive more”.
Vaishnavi Kavadkar