I have not been requested to write a review for the Pariwaar Hostel, since I’ve never been there personally. However, my daughter Dominique was a
guest there a year and a half ago, and her stay there was so great that when she was requested a review, I decided to volunteer mine, as a guest’s mom.
Let me tell you a little about my experience. I must say that at the beginning, I was weary about my 18 year old daughter and her friend Alina (who is also like a daughter to me) traveling all alone to such a faraway and foreign place for us (we live in Mexico). However, once I realized they were being so loved and well cared for, Swapna’s guest house was the difference between my sleeping at night or not; thank you Swapna!! I will never forget my first phone call to Pairwaar Hostel, to check out how the girls were doing only a couple of days into their trip. I called late in the night Mexican time, which was about 9am India time. Swapna answered the phone and I briefly introduced myself. She then mentioned something about being at the table having breakfast with her daughters at the moment of my phone call. I felt terrible thinking I was interrupting valuable time with her family!; so I promptly asked her to excuse me and said I would call later. She said that wasn’t necessary, but I insisted, said good bye and hung up. One hour later I called again and asked if they had finished having breakfast. She said they had. Then I asked her how my girls were doing and she said they were doing really well, that they had already made friends, and then added “so friendly, such beautiful girls, my daughters”. That’s when it dawned on me!!! The daughters she had referred to during my first phone call were actually my daughters!!!! That’s when I knew they had found their home in India; that they had a surrogate mom who would look after them. I was not mistaken. A couple of weeks later Dominique got sick and had a fever. Swapna took it all into her hands and three hours after getting sick, my daughter was back from her visit to Swapna’s doctor and was being nursed back to health with warm chais and Swapna’s beautiful “weeping” violin. porn mobile This in addition to beautiful soirees filled with the magical music provided by Swapna and her musician friends, her advise and help on how to travel safely around India, her introducing them to all her friends, who quickly became such good friends of Dominique and Alina that they were even invited to a traditional Indian wedding! Imagine what a privilege and what an honor it was to have such an experience, normally inaccessible to the typical traveler! And I could go on and on talking about the difference Swapna and her family and friends made for the girls, down to the very last minute! My daughter’s suitcase came back with Chai and Masala packages that Swapna gave them as good bye presents, along with a beautiful CD of her music. All so that they could bring back with them little things to remember them by. That was actually quite unnecessary; the most valuable gift the girls brought back with them are the beautiful memories of the big hearted, cheery Indians who so generously shared with them their time, their friendship, their beautiful customs, their colors and
flavors, mobile porn their joy of living. Dominque and Alina will never forget the home they made away from home, their friends from the other side of the globe,
their Indian family. And as a mom, I will always be grateful to you for the most precious gift: you gave our girls the most beautiful India. Sat nam.
Nora Soto
Swapna made me feel at home even when I was thousands of miles away from home. My favorite place in all of Pune was Swapna’s apartment and the Pariwaar Hostel. It is where I had my morning chai everyday in great, great company, where I could stop by anytime to say hi and feel welcome… where I listened to some of the best violin playing I have ever heard (for apart from being an amazing host, host-mom, and friend, Swapna is an incredible musician). Tea at Swapna’s was the highlight of my day, topped only perhaps by the incredibly authentic lunch at the Pariwaar Hostel. Yes, my mouth still waters when I think of Anita-Tai’s freshly made chapatti. The hostel is also on the cutest street ever, a street lined with tiny shops, temples nearby, and vegetable venders. Kids played on our street, there was Yoga next door, and I’ve still kept in touch with the girls I met at the hostel. When my luggage didn’t arrive, Swapna lent me half her wardrobe, and when it did arrive, she let me keep her beautifully printed salwarkameez for the duration of my trip. She gives the best advice, and keptme and my friend Nicky safe, telling us what we could and should not do. On the first day she walked us through the neighborhood and held our hand as she taught us how to cross the street. On the second, she took us to try the best homemade ice-cream I’ve ever had, ever. Thanks to her we found Kite Tours who planned an excellent trip for us at the end of our stay. I can’t wait to go back. If there’s one place to stay in Pune, India… it’s with SwapnaDatar at the Pariwaar Hostel.
Alina Benardete
Upon graduating high school in Mexico City, my daughter and her friend decided they wanted to travel to India for the summer and it was our great luck to find SwapnaDatar and the Pariwaar Hostel in Pune. I actually don’t think the trip would have happened if we didn’t. Swapna managed to put our minds at ease before the girls arrived in Pune and offered us such practical advice on everything….from managing money, dress codes, travel in India, etc. As parents, we could truly relax and not worry….it was a great relief. Once the girls arrived, our great expectations were even exceeded. The girls loved being in the hostel with the company of Swapna and the other girls staying there. They spoke so fondly of their tea time all together, the wonderful vegetarian meals that were served, and the travels/tours that were arranged for them. I actually now would love go there myself. I might just do that someday soon!!
Nancy Aksiyote
Pariwaar was excellently located and consdusive for me to study. The facilities were adequate ranging from the room to the meals that were provided which I really enjoyed. The location is excellent and within close travel distance to various instiutions and particularly the place were I studied. Cleaning services for the room was timeoulsy arranged.
In addition you made excellent arrangements for us from including tranport to/from the airport and during our stay that included assistance with arranging for mobile phones to internet and taxi services.
Thank you very much.
Revash Dookhi
I came to know about Swapna’s family place through my Jall Tarang music teacher, Milind Tulankar, swapna’s friends.
When i just arrive here I felt a big relief, an oasis in Pune, far from noise and traffic.
The place and sorroundings are very quite and peacefull, all videos gays you need for a good practice. The rooms are comfortable too.
Also they provide a very nice veg. meals, lunch and dinner, so you don’ t need to worry about going to a restaurant or prepare it yourself. That’s great a point… save a lots of time and you know you are taking nice and safe food.
You will find a very musical environment here, a lot of singers and musicians practicing Hindustany music everyday and the beutifull sound of swapna’s violin will accompany and inspire while you are here.
Have a good stay and practice ….
Marc Planells
When I moved to Pune to study music, the first person to help me wholeheartedly was Swapna Datar, who is now one of my cherished friends. I was then introduced to the rest of the Datar family and friends in Pariwar Hostel. Since the first day, I was connected with everybody. Datar family and the staff of Pariwar personally make sure that everything works well and everybody is looked after. They provide safe and comfortable accommodation especially for women, students or working women. I used to eat with other people who lived in Pariwar and the food was so good, healthy and fresh that I always felt at home there. Students either from same institutes or college lived together, also students of music or professional musicians stayed together. This communal living of musicians or people from similar backgrounds creates a familiar and encouraging atmosphere at home. While having food, we would all gather, exchange ideas and sometimes listen to music together. This personal touch to the hostel and the kind of healthy social life, which is essential for growing up as a student and as a person, is rarely seen in any other hostel or independent apartments. I now live away from Pune and miss sharing those meals and talks. The living conditions in Pariwar are particularly suitable for foreigners, westerners and also easterners, because Swapna Tai understands their needs perfectly well. In my friendship and connection of many years with Pariwar, I haven’t seen a single person complaining about accommodation and food. If you are a responsible person looking for a decent place and a good naked celebrities host, I strongly recommend staying in Pariwar.
Eeshan Kaushal
When I first learned about my living arrangements during my first week in India, I wrote in my journal that “I pretty much drew the longest stick possible.” I knew even before I got there that I would have an incredible time not only living in India, but also living in Swapna Datar’s apartment. I spent the next four months calling that place home.
Off of Sinhagad Road, the apartment has an ideal location. It lesbian porno is a short walk from rickshaw stands and convenience shops. A few blocks away is the Japanese Gardens, many stores, restaurants and lovely parks. The apartment complex itself is a great place to live. It is quiet but lively. The neighbors are friendly and kids are playing outside almost everyday.
Inside the apartment was top-notch, clean and comfortable. There was enough space for our belongings and so it never felt over-crowded. Filtered drinking water, solar-heated overhead showers and western toilets porn cartoon were convenient additions to our stay. Our apartment overlooked one of Pune’s rivers, and we were frequently entertained by the fireworks of nearby wedding halls.
Even more frequently, we were entertained by the beautiful sound of Swapna Tai’s violin in the mornings. It was wonderful staying in the apartment because we were able to live in India independently, and we also had a wonderful host mother who we got to spend time with very often. We had delicious morning chai with her almost every morning and even learned how to make it. We had Sunday meals with her, which were prepared by her in her own kitchen and which were absolutely tasty. We were lucky enough to cook with Swapna once in a while.
Not only did we spend time with Swapna in her apartment, but we also went on several outings. We visited several sites such as temples, ate at different restaurants and went to Swapna’s violin performances. Swapna gave us a phenomenal exposure to India and its culture. She also connected us with amazing people and friends. Neha and Nikhil were two of the first friends we made through Swapna and we got so close to them! They owned a travel agency and so they helped us plan wonderful trips to other parts of India. We also met other musicians and artists, Ravi (our “host dad”) and the Indian women staying in the apartment and hostel.
The hostel setting provided wonderful opportunities for us. Right in our apartment complex was a mess for us to eat meals every day, and very delicious meals I might add, yoga classes, an ayurvedic doctor, and rooms where we could practice dance.
Our stay with Swapna buy generic diflucan online was wonderful because she was purposefully giving us opportunities for our stay to be as amazing as possible. From arranging our invitations to a wedding to fixing our saris for that wedding, from introducing us to fantastic travel agents to helping us communicate with rickshaw drivers, Swapna Tai was always there for us. She went above and beyond her role as a host mom: she was a friend and a mentor.
My stay with Swapna at her apartment had a significant impact on my time in India. It would not have been the same without her.

Kind of hot lesbian porn long but from the heart! Hope to see you again Swapna. I know I will be back to India some day!


Sheri Peckham