Terming it as a Hostel or a Paying Guest just does not justify the stay at Ms. Swapna Datar’s place. To begin with we have always address her as Swapna Tai. Tai in Marathi means elder sister. And true to its very term Swapna Tai has lived every word in terms of Responsibility, Care and Love that an elder sister would bestow upon her Siblings and Near and Dear ones. I would begin by describing the House that we lived in. It is a house in all the essence that it has to be. The moment you open the door, you know you belong to a place that is safe, secure and equipped with all the facilities that you have at your own home i.e. right from Hot Running water 24×7 to a Gas Stove where you know you can exercise the taste buds to your choice of cooking if you have a streak of cooking After the physical comfort comes the comfort for healthy food. A healthy diet is the mantra at Swapna Tai’s place. Right from Breakfast to Dinner you are served with Healthy, Home Cooked Food. I sometimes did wonder that the menu covered everyday would be something that even at home may not have been so thought about, planned to avoid repeats of Vegetables and cooked by People who have been a part of this Home for long. The food is served with the same thought of kindness and consideration with which it is cooked. But stay at Swapna Tai’s place just does not end with this. Tai has always been there for “HER” Girls, guiding us whenever we sought her out for any type of support. Her guidance is like a Strong Pillar of Wisdom. Swapna Tai’s place is truly a Home where you are assured of all the essence of a Stay that you look at to be when you are away from your Home. Fine Food & Stay, Safety, Security and above all a feeling of being looked by someone who Genuinely Cares is what I would define Swapna Tai’s home. Stay at her place leaves a lasting impression on you and it inevitably becomes a part of your Happy and Memorably journey of your life!!
Asha Khatchave
Very recently I stayed in the Pariwar Hostel for 5 days It was a wonderful experience. I was looking for a place where I could hibernate for a week or so and practice my music with full concentration without any other commitments calling out loudly to me as they usually do at nude milfs home! Pariwar with its serene surroundings provided the perfect getaway.The days I spent there were musically quite enriching.
Anuradha Kuber
Hi Swapna!!
I am very grateful to have met porn cartoon you and for all that you did for us. You are truly one of the greatest people I have ever met and I hope that the future will give me another opportunity to meet with you again.
“The Pariwaar Hostel celeb sex tapes is a hidden gem. If cultural immersion is what youre looking for, search no further. The accomodations are comfortable and quaint, the affordability is unbelievable, and you will forget you are paying at all due to the warm and personal treatment recieved at the hostel. A community is formed through the hostel: we made friends with the Indian girls living at the hostel, as well as the international students doing study abroad.
Swapna Tai, owner of the hostel, is an unbelievably giving woman. We were often over at her apartment for chai and a snack, she helped us find tour guides and a porn cartoon yoga teacher that were as warm and wonderful as she, she introduced us to several of her friends, took a couple of outings with us, and gave us the pleasure of listening to her play the violin. The list goes on…
The experience she and the rest of the hostel community gave us was way beyond my expectations, and redefines my notions of hospitality in hotels and hostels. India per se is undoubtedly a memorable country to visit, and yet, I could forget it years before forgetting the Indians who made my stay.
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