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What makes ‘Pariwaar’ stand apart from other Hostels is the fact that a lot of care and efforts are taken to maintain traditions. India has a plethora of festivals which are celebrated in the homes and also on a community level. Likewise each State too has festivals of its own. In Maharashtra Ganesh Chatoorthi, Sankranti, Gudi Padwa, Holi and Hartalika are celebrated widely.

During these festival days, ‘Pariwaar’ makes it a point to alter the menu and make dishes specific to that particular festival. Like Puran Poli is made for Holi, Shrikhand for Gudi Padwa (The Hindu New Year), buy generic clomid online Gul Poli for Sankrant so on and so forth. The hostel inmates from abroad and those from out of Maharashtra who stay in the hostel are told the importance of that festival and the menu.

Mahashivratri, Ashadhi Ekaadashi and Kartiki Ekaadashi, Angaraki cha nude celebrities toorthi are days when majority of the hostel inmates fast. On these days too, the menu is completely different and only such dishes that can be consumed on Fasting days are prepared. Such great care is taken and a lot of attention is given to the food and habits of the hostel inmates.

The atmosphere in the hostel is very homely. Personal achievements and joys are not just shared with the entire hostel but are celebrated too. For example if the marriage of an inmate is finalized, the hostel organizes a party to which all the inmates are porn cartoon invited.

Though the hostel ambience is friendly yet it also has a set of rules which are strictly enforced for the well being and safety of the inmates. These rules are for all the various hostels that are run on the campus.

Some Rules:

  • The ‘Pariwaar’ hostel closes its gates at 10pm sharp. No resident is allowed in after that hour.
  • The girls have to black girl porn inform in advance if they want to skip a meal or want a night-out.
  • The girls have celebrity nude to wash up their own plates and glasses after every meal.
  • They have to empty their individual waste baskets in the main waste bin.
  • Rent and deposit has to be mobile porn paid by the 10th of every month.
  • Non vegetarian food, alcohol lesbian porn and smoking are strictly prohibited.
  • The admissions are nude celebrities open to all religions & cast.
Very recently I st best lesbian porn ayed in the Pariwar Hostel for 5 days It was a wonderful experience. I was looking for a place where I could hibernate for a week or so and practice my music with full concentration without any other commitments calling out loudly to me as they usually do at home! Pariwar with its serene surroundings provided the perfect getaway.The days I spent there were musically quite enriching.
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