Paurohitya Classes

Paurohitya classes were started at “Pariwaar” in 1997 to train women in religious rituals and each of the 16 sacraments of Hinduism. Purohits are essentially Priests who carry out the various religious rituals for families and the community. This was still very recently thought to be a predominantly male activity. But for some years now, women have made their mark on this profession too. It is a way of women empowerment. They’re taught Sanskrit, the country’s classical language in which the Hindu religious mantras are chanted.

Initially Mrs. Suniti Gadgil taught gay porn videos the course on priesthood, over the period of time Mrs. Sumati Kukde took over the responsibility. Generally the class consists of 15 to 20 students.

This essay writing service training is given four days a week. Every Monday ‘Gita’ verses are explained and once a month the complete ‘GITA’ (18 chapters) are recited. On the other days all the other rituals and verses necessary for priesthood are taught. The class timing are 3:30pm to 5:30 pm.

Training starts with ‘Ganpati Atharwashirsh’. ‘Shrisukta’, ‘Vishnusahastranaam’, hottest celebrities ‘Shivmahimna’, ‘Devi Atharvashirsh’ are also taught.

‘Rudra, Shanipath, Saursukta, Brahmanspati, Panchsukta, Pavaman verses are taught. The rituals to be followed for performing a POOJA and ‘Purushsukta’ and legendry verses and the Vedic verses are also taught. It is a must to follow the exact rhythm, and style prescribed to recite the verses. It takes around 4 to 5 celebrity nude yrs to learn all of this. Due to clear, clean refined utterance and fluent recital even if the meaning of the verses is not understood by all it is very soothing to the ear. The Pariwaar also arranges for ‘GANAPATI ATHARVASHIRSH, SHRISUKTA, LAGHU RUDRA, SAPTASHATI PAATH programs. The SATYANARAYAN POOJA is also performed. On the foundation day of PARIWAR the celebrations begin with the recital of holy verses.Late Mrs. Urmila Datar was very supportive for this program.

Bhajan Classes

PARIWAR MAHILA MANDAL’ is basically a organization by the payday loans ladies for the ladies. Among the various initiatives run by this organization ‘PARIWAR MAHILA BHAKTIGEET MANDAL’ is one of them. A decade ago on ASHADHI EKADASHI Mrs. gay porn Meera Gaekewari was invited to present a program of devotional songs in Pariwar. lesbian sex porn Later, she was asked to conduct classes of devotional songs and since 1st August 2003 every Wednesday between 4pm to 5:30pm she is conducting the course. She is a VISHARAD in music and hails from Dhulia. She is a disciple of Shri. Shripad Ramchandra Naik for classical Indian music. She also conducts classes for Indian Classical Music in Pune. She continues to learn from Smt. Kundatai Tatke who is a member of the renowned ‘VEENA BHAKTIGEET MANDAL’.

Initially there were 4 buy viagra to 5 students and the training started with the help of a synthesizer. Gradually the number of students started to increase. PARIWAR started to provide with instruments like Harmonium, Khanjiri, Tipri, bell, ghungru etc as per requirement and the student strength started to increase. Today around 20 students participate in the class. Mrs. Bhavna Tikle who is also a Visharad is invited to the class to accompany with TABALA. She has taken training from Bhopal and comes once a month. She is also invited when there is any program of the same.

The class commences with the prayer ‘Gurur Bhrahma’. About 100 devotional songs are sung in the due course. PARIWAR MAHILA BHAKTIGEET MANDAL also participated in the ETV competition of devotional songs. It was well received by the audience. On invitation they conduct programs in ‘Ganesh Utsav’, Datta Jayanti. They also conducted a program in Daund. They conduct programs at the Khandoba Temple during ChampaShashthi in Pune. Every year at RangaPanchami that is the Annivarsary of PARIWAR they perform Devotional Songs. Meeratai’s sweet voice accompanied with celeb sex tapes harmonium really enhances the program.

Pariwaar conducts training sessions for Paurohitya & Bhajan are conducted… to train women in religious rituals and sing and perform with Devotional Songs hentai porn movies at various occasions.