Astro-Ayurvedic Treatment


India has buy generic viagra online often been referred as the land where Ayurveda originated. It continues to live up to its reputation of being the “Land of wonder cures” with Ayurveda in its backyard. Ayurveda has been successful in the past in curing a plethora of diseases that other forms of medications have failed to ameliorate.

Along with hot milfs this medical magic wand, India also boasts of a rich and ancient culture in Astrology. The Indians are said to have mastered the art of Astrology over the years, and there is a profound amount of Astrological knowledge that has been trickling down from generation among Indians.

Today, Ayurvedic doctors are using their skills of Ayurveda in union with skills of Astrology that they have acquired to treat diseases that were previously thought to be hot lesbian porn incurable.

Although the use of Astrology seems str celebrity nude ange in the field of medication, it has borne significant results and continues to fascinate young and upcoming Ayurvedic doctors. More and more Ayurvedic doctors are looking forward to honing their skills as an ayurvedic practitioner in combination with the skill of using the horoscope of a person as a diagnostic tool.

One such doctor who has perfected his skills in both the departments is Dr. Ajit Limaye. Dr. Ajit Limaye has gay movies been practicing this form of medication for the past 12 years in Pune. Dr. Ajit Limaye is associated with Pariwaar for last 10 years. He has acquired knowledge in Ayurveda from one of the country’s top most Ayurvedic schools, Ayurveda Rasashaala, Pune. He attributes his expertise of Astrology from his predecessors, whom he fondly calls his gurus.

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