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Pariwaar promotes training of different Art and Crafts like paper quilling, painting, Origami, Cookery, Ceramic Painting. Through its initiative it encourages people to participate in the above activities as a hobby so that they can experience the joy of creation.

Art & craft activities are conducted by Mrs. porno gay Priya Dhayarkar daughter of Mr. Dattatraya and Mrs. Urmila Datar’s, from 2013. She uses variety of colours, textures and designs in the art. She makes use of scrap paper, including newspaper, tissue paper, leftover card stock and paper bags. She makes use of techniques such as Paper Mache, Quelling, Origami, Kirigami. She teaches the use of handmade papers to make cards, envelopes and decorative displays. She specializes in Origami flowers and Kirigami accents as a part of the celebrity porn larger mission to explore shapes and patterns using the paper. “Paper quelling is my passion where I find the inspiration. The large variety of material is what makes my art so unique” – Says Priya Dhayarkar.


In celebrity nude the earlier times when there were no concrete jungles most houses in Pune displayed beautiful Rangoli in their front yard/country yard.It greeted every visitor and was done in the morning. Rangoli is a folk art from India in which patterns are created on the floor in living rooms or courtyards using materials such as dry flour, colored sand or flower petals. In India, each state has its own method of drawing Rangoli. However the basic method of drawing rangoli is simlar; which includes drawing border with white color with two fingers, the thumb and fore finger and then filling different colors in it which is a time consuming process. Sanskar bharati’s Rangoli is exactly opposite of this. In which rangoli is drawn using all 5 fingers and colors filled using strainer or filter and then the designs are made on that. Shimmering powder is sprinkled on that which makes rangoli even more attractive and beautiful. Within half an hour pretty big rangolis can be drawn. Unfortunately, concrete jungles became a reality and the beautiful Indian art was on the path of becoming obsolete. The organization “Sanskar Bharati” came forward to propagate this art along with other Indian arts.

At around this celebrity nude time Mrs. Urmila Datar also started Rangoli classes with the help of “Sankar Bharati” organization along with other arts classes at “Parivar Mahila Nivas”. The thought behind these classes was women in nearby area can come together and share life’s sorrows and joys with each other.

Around 15 years back Mr. Modak, from Sanskar Bharati would come to Pariwaar each Sunday to teach Latina Porn Rangoli. Many women learnt Rangoli and became skillful in the art. Within a span of 3-4 years, the class gave birth to many Rangoli experts and teachers. And earlier students like Rajani Fadnis, Sulakshana Hublikar and Varsha Puranik took to teaching this art form. Throughout the year these classes are conducted. Short courses of 10-15 days duration are also held and they receive great response.

At Pariwaar it is customary to celebrate each program with Rangoli decoration.

The Rangoli classes are lonely milf conducted on every saturday from 3.30pm to 5 pm under the guidance of Mrs. celebrity nude Sulakshana Hublikar.

Paper Quelling, Paintings, Origami, Cookery, Ceramic Painting… a hobby hentai porn helps us to relax and these art forms give us an utmost satisfaction of a creation.