“Pariwaar” in the native languages of Marathi and Hindi means family. In every culture the family holds a central position. It is one of the oldest institutions which allow people to feel loved, safe and cared for. Pariwar Mahila Nivas – A home for woman which preserves the Indian culture and ethos has been established to strengthen that feeling of oneness and belongingness in all those who come in its embrace. Mrs Pramila Datar and Mrs Urmila Datar (the Mother-in law & daughter-in-law duo), both very enterprising woman from Pune, India laid the seeds of this great institution two decades back and have lovingly nurtured it to its present form. The entire premise of Pariwaar is very different from the other hostels one might come across and is definitely a huge plus for the Pariwaar inmates.

Pariwaar is not just a place to stay but it believes in improving the quality of life for its inmates and it is able to do so in a positive way. Therefore the inmates reciprocate with a lot of love and gratitude in turn creating a lot of positive vibrations.

The year 2014 earmarks twenty eventful years of ‘Pariwaar’ Mahila Nivas. Earlier the founders, Mrs Pramila and Urmila and now their heirs work diligently to rise to greater standards of excellence. Pariwar to the Datar family is not just an institution but is a legacy that needs to be preserved and passed on to the future.

Many people are cartoon porn capable of sympathizing with fellow humans in less fortunate life situations than themselves. But few can truly empathize and fewer still can take this empathy forward and actually do something constructive to help these people.


Late Mrs Pramila Datar was one such person. Every evening accompanied by her grandchildren she use to visit Tulshibaug which has a beautiful temple of Lord Ram and big shady trees. There she saw some old women who were unwanted by their families and were compelled to spend many hours till dinner time there. Pramila was grieved to watch this every day. She thought and rightly so, that after a certain age women need a peaceful and restful life with simple basic comforts like a bed, a washroom and food without having to brave the traffic on the roads and discomfort ably spending long hours outside the house.

She made a vow to help old women who were badly in need of physical, social and emotional support.

She promised herself that when she would have the money available, she would build a place that would be second home for such women who were unwanted by their families or had no family at all.

She shared her dream with her son Dattatraya and daughter-in-law Urmila. The dream could become a reality when the money the family raised after selling of ancestral land, was utilized for the construction of a Hostel. This is how “Pariwaar Mahila Nivas” (Home for the women) was born on 30th March 1993. At the outset the ‘Pariwaar’ was an old age home for women. Later, its scope widened and it became a hostel for students and working women. In 1994, when the ‘Pariwaar’ hostel first started its location on Sinhagad Road was thought to be quite far off from the heart of the city. It was a cause of concern for the management whether women would prefer to come to stay here and if the organization would work out at all. But women did come and even today the hostel always has full occupancy. An interesting and creditable fact is, ‘Pariwaar’ Mahila Nivas has never had to advertise.

The residents of Pariwaar had a very symbiotic relationship among them and were like Grandmothers and Granddaughters. But the old age home unfortunately had to be closed down in 2003. It was a very tough decision for the management. One of the main reasons being inability of the Management to provide timely medical assistance to the old-age inmates of the Pariwaar. For the first 10 years Mrs Pramila celebrity sex tapes Datar supervised the ‘Pariwaar’. After her demise in 2003, her son, Mr Dattatraya and her daughter-in-law, Mrs Urmila Datar took up the responsibility.
Mrs. Urmila Datar decided to add to the dimensions of the hostel by gradually introducing various activities like Yoga, Paurohitya, Bhajan and Rangoli. These activities were for all who stayed in the vicinity of the hostel and was not restricted to the dwellers of the hostel.

Today, Mrs Pramila Datar’s granddaughters Swapna, Priya & Kshitija are carrying on the good work with the same rigor and dedication. Her Great grand children – Aboli & Satyam, too are slowly being initiated into this institution.

‘Pariwaar’ Mahila Nivas is celebrating its 20th anniversary in this year of 2014. The founders of this Institution and their successors have strived hard to make ‘Pariwaar’ Nivas what it is today. Most notably; Swapna has been successful in starting a hostel for students of music and also for those coming from abroad.

An organization like ‘Pariwaar’ cannot be imagined without an efficient and sincere work force. Most of these members have been associated with the ‘Pariwaar’ right from the inception.

Associated Members
  • Mr.&Mrs.Bagul
  • Mr.&Mrs.Devdhar
  • Mr.&Mrs.Kukade
  • Mrs.Alwani
  • Mrs.Rupa Joshi
  • Mrs.Hubalikar
  • Mrs.Atre
  • Mrs. Hubalikar
  • Mrs.Gaykaiwari
The working Staff
  • Mr. Bali Vayadande (Balikaka)
  • Mrs. Hira Vayadande (Hira Mavashi)
  • Mrs. Kamal mavashi
  • Mrs. Anitatai

They have always worked shoulder to shoulder with lesbian porn the management for last 20 years and a lot of credit goes to them for the success and good will that ‘Pariwaar’ has been able to achieve.