Under its aegis Pariwaar runs many a programs and activities that are a need of the hour in the society. But the motto is to cater with love so that all the beneficiaries are bonded with each other to create one huge happy family i.e. Pariwaar.

Social Responsibilities

‘Pariwaar’ believes in ‘’Giving’’ animated porn to the society and has been over the years, generously helping many institutes and social organizations in various ways including with financial support.

Yog Abhyas

Being idyllically situated near the banks of the mutha river Pariwaar boasts of such peace and silence that it is indeed soothing to the heart. This positive energy is further enhanced by the practice of Yoga including ‘omkar’, ‘recital of holy verses’…

‘Pariwaar’ Kala porno gay Kendra

Pariwaar strongly believes that Art in every form must be supported and appreciated. This belief culminated in starting the ‘Pariwaar’ Kala Kendra. ‘Pariwaar’ Kala Kendra offers a unique platform to the students who are pursuing training in Music, Dance or in musical instruments to showcase their talent.

Art & Craft

Pariwaar promotes tra cartoon porn ining of different Art and Crafts like paper quelling, painting, Origami, Cookery, Ceramic Painting. Through its initiative it encourages people to participate in the above activities as a hobby so that they can experience the joy of creation.

Senior Citizens Club

Pariwaar caters to the elderly and in order to enhance their quality of life it runs a Senior Citizen Club. The club members enjoy celebrating the many Indian festivals together. They also participate in various social causes that makes their lives meaningful and content.

‘Pariwaar’ is a home for culture and ethos.

'Pariwaar' is a family but not in a limiting or a narrow sense. It takes in its fold all the far and near relations, friends and friends of friends. It is an extended family. That was how Pramila Datar & Urmila Datar imagined this organization would be like and that is how it came to be and is flourishing even today.

'Pariwaar' Mahila Nivas is lesbian porn celebrating its 23rd anniversary this year. The founders of this Institution and their successors have strived hard to make 'Pariwaar' Nivas what it is today.

C/o. Dattatrya Hari Datar,
‘Kinara’ gay porn videos Datar Farms,
Near Ganeshmala Colony,
Off porn cartoon Sinhagad Road,
Pune – nude celebrities 411030
India. Maharashtra.

+ 91 20 2425 4963+ 91 94225 19957

Working Women’s




This hostel has working women staying celebrity nude and is very popular. It caters to the needs of the working women. What makes ‘Pariwaar’ stand apart from other hostels is the fact that a lot of care and efforts are taken to maintain traditions and make their stay as comfortable as possible.

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Hostel For Music




This hostel is designed nude celebrities keeping in mind the specific needs of students pursuing music and dance. Here they get proper space to practice and can also interact among each other.

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Hostel for




This hostel caters to the needs of foreign students and tourists who come to learn some art or language or celeb gossip visit the country. Accommodations with latest facilities are provided for these visitors.

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